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Password Change

Idaho State University has a new Identity Management system. This requires you to update your password. You must do so now before logging into BengalWeb.

We take information security at Idaho State University seriously. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep your information secure.

Security is Important (lock)Security is important!
Passwords must follow these guidelines:

  • Must be 8 to 64 characters in length
  • Must contain at least one numeric character (0-9) in the first eight characters
  • Must contain at least two alphabetical characters (A-Z, a-z) in the first eight characters
  • Passwords may contain only the following special characters: ! _ - { } [ ] / . ?
  • Passwords may not contain any blank spaces
  • Passwords are case-sensitive
  • You should not use anything that is personally identifiable. Do not use names or words, birth dates, etc.

Creating Strong Passwords

We strongly advise the use of a "pass-phrase." To create one, put together the first characters of words in a phrase you can easily remember. You can also include punctuation.

Examples of a passphrase (do not use these examples):

My address is 1234 Main Street Quebec Canada = Mai1MSQC
Only 32 more weeks until vacation time! = O3mwuvt!

Examples of a good password (do not use these examples):


Password Change Form

To ensure a successful change, please save any work and close all applications before changing your password.

ISU User Name :
Current Password:
New Password:
Retype New Password:
New Password Strength:
Strength will be displayed as password is entered

Need Help? Contact the IT Service Desk at 282-HELP(4357) or email