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Idaho residents – take advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit!

Donations to Idaho State University Foundation are eligible for a 50% Idaho state tax credit — a reduction in the actual tax you owe. If you itemize your taxes, a donation to ISU will enable you to get income tax deductions on both your state and federal returns, plus a 50% Idaho income tax credit.

For 2014, the allowed credit for both personal and business gifts remains:

Your tax benefit is dependent on your personal income level and filing status. Please contact your tax consultant for additional information.


Idaho residents, Benny and Betty Bengal, are a married couple who itemize their taxes. Their combined gross income is about $75,000 (which puts them in the 25% federal tax bracket). They decide to donate $2,000 to the Dean’s Excellence Fund at Idaho State University in 2014.

Their contribution qualifies for:

Taking the deductions and credit together, the Bengals' $2,000 gift to ISU has a true out-of-pocket "cost" of only $352.

State of Idaho Statute